Let me help you get a professional portrait that you are proud to use for all your professional needs. We will create a portrait that reflects the professional persona you are looking to express. AND it's fully edited! Meaning I can soften wrinkles, take off a few pounds, take out greys or whatever we need to do to make you comfortable enough to proudly display your portrait. 

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Single Professional Head Shot

30 minute in studio Portrait Session with one outfit, 30 minute viewing and editing session,
one fully edited digital negative sized for printing and web use

Three Professional Head Shots
30 Minute in studio Portrait session with one to two outfits, 30 minute viewing and editing session,
three fully edited digital negatives sized for printing and web use.

On-Location Professional Portrait Fee

30 Minute on-location Portrait Session with one one outfit in a natural setting found in or around your office, or at a location we choose.


On-Location Studio Professional Portrait Fee

A professional session where I will bring my studio lighting and background to set up and capture professional head shots in your office.

A 12ft x12ft  space with ground outlets is required.



Tips for a successful professional head-shot session:

 1. Wear a minimal amount of makeup but only if you wear it on a regular basis. Natural 
colors look best. If you have a normal make up routine don’t change it for the photos. 

 2. For men, if you are going to cut your hair  do it a week before your shoot. For women 
if you are having your hair done make sure it is done in a way you would wear it normally. 
You want the photo to look like you. You won’t like it otherwise, so we strongly recommend 
you don’t try a new style for your hair on picture day. 

3. Drink a lot of water on the day of the shoot and eat a light meal so you look hydrated
and refreshed.

 4. As a general rule, most professionals choose to wear a suit jacket to further express that 
they are a professional and dress for success. However a casual look works as well. Fitted 
v-neck shirts are the most flattering style for women. Men also look nice in a dress shirt 
and tie. Avoid wearing anything patterned or anything that matches your skin tone and 
choose a shade of clothing in one of your favorite colors, since it will make you feel most 
confident. Avoid the color red as a shirt color because it brings out blemishes. 

5. When choosing jewelry simple piece tend to photograph best, like a simple chain or 
stud earrings. If you choose to wear a statement necklace you can do so but make sure 
it goes with the tone and colors you wish to express. If you website is green and blue and 
you are wearing a green and blue statement necklace it can be a neat little detail you 
are adding to your site and shows that you put time into your site development. 

Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. 


Event Photography, Group, On-location, and Portrait Branding Packages are also available for your company. For more information please contact me